Harman Kardon Citation II

by KDK posted Jan 23, 2018


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Noted as one of the sleekest and most attractive vintage amplifiers by collectors, the Harman Kardon Citation II also provides some of the clearest and most precise audio. This is partly due to a bandwidth that exceeds the audible range, which consequently eliminates artifacts such as phase shift at high frequencies. The Harman Kardon is built with KT88 output tubes and is rated at 60 watts per channel. The unit features several controls for fine adjustments, including bias controls for the output tubes and an AC balance control, along with a meter on the back of the amp to reveal the current levels for each. The Harman Kardon Citation II produces a dry sound that is generally distinct from the warmth of most tube amps, with little or no distortion. Like other amps on the list, the Citation II can be difficult to find and expensive to purchase in excellent condition. 

TAS Legacy: Harman Kardon Citation II Power Amplifier

Tubed power amplifiers
TAS Legacy: Harman Kardon Citation II Power Amplifier

The Citation II was Stu Hegeman’s penultimate masterpiece, inspired by his unwavering desire to build a power amplifier equal to his stunningly great Citation I preamplifier. I consider the Citation II power amplifier to be one of the most original designs in audio history, introducing technology that had never before been seen in an audio product. The Citation II’s high-gain, wide-bandwidth video-pentode design yielded performance that was difficult to believe.

Introduced in 1959, the Citation II sold for $159 in kit form or $229 assembled (about $2000 in 2017 dollars).